Aluminium frames

Strong and low maintenance

Onze schuifpuien en andere grote raamoppervlakken brengen heel veel licht in uw woning of bedrijfspanden.

The advantages of aluminum frames are numerous. They are very strong and light weight. Aluminum frames are low maintenance and since they do not attract dirt you can do with cleaning twice a year. Finally, you never have to paint our aluminum frames again and they are available in no less than 300+ RAL colors!

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All advantages of our aluminum window frames and fronts:

Our aluminum sliding doors can be up to 4 meters wide and 3 meters high.

All RAL colors are possible on our aluminum profiles.

Thermal insulation, wind load, force and function tests have been carried out on our aluminum door and window systems and certificates issued by European accredited Test institutes.

Our window, door and glass façade systems use the best quality fastening accessories, hinges, bearings, handles, polyamide seals, water drain covers etc. all from the number 1 manufacturers.

Our doors are fire-resistant. E60 for 60 minutes, E90 for 90 minutes, EI60 both door and insulation are fire resistant for 60 minutes.

Our window systems have a fire resistance certificate obtained in accordance with EN 13501 Fire resistance tests for building materials.

Our glass wall panels can be opened to the outside or inside.

Our window systems W75 + and W65 + and W55 + have full thermal insulation and the lowest heat transfer.

Up to four layers of glass can be installed in our window systems.

If desired, the space between the glass layers can be filled with Argon gas for excellent thermal insulation.

Our window systems can be assembled very easily and quickly.

We offer assembly videos for our window, sliding door and façade panel systems.

We also produce ready-to-use facade installations for buildings with our own installation technicians.

We give a 10-year guarantee on our aluminum profiles: strength profile material, paint, anodised surface quality

Our manufacturer has a very short delivery time of 20-25 days on average.

Our aluminum window and door profiles are very attractively priced.