About us

What we stand for

Long warranty

A 50-year guarantee is given on all our construction agreements

Fast delivery

Short delivery times of 3-4 months on average

Short construction times

Building times with a maximum duration of 4 months, based on a single-family home

European standards

We use the highest insulation standards that apply to floors, façades and roofs in Europe

Everything is possible

Different possibilities in terms of wall finishes, both for the interior and exterior of your home

ISO Conform

We work according to ISO9001 and ISO14001,


20 years of guarantees of the roofs that are placed by us

Free of obligation

Free quotation for your home and / or other type of property

Not expensive

If we make a design for you, we ask a small fee for this, but this is much lower than what an architect asks


In our construction projects we use aluminum window frames. If you wish, you may also submit it yourself

Plenty of choice

We can also supply granite floors for all rooms in different colors and sizes